They are an excellent vehicle of communication with people that can contribute with their interesting ideas and experiences. They are also a priority for an educated integration in today’s society.

This is why, beginning at the age of three, our students are exposed to the English language in an intensive way, and to French as a second language at the age of eleven.

This facilitates a very high performance in both languages, with the possibility of obtaining a certificate with the exams they can take during their educational career (University of Cambridge and Institut Français).

We also offer cultural exchanges, studying abroad and a wide variety of activities that will make learning a language an adventure.


The globalization that we live in the 21st century makes English, universal language par excellence, indispensable as the language to communicate between different societies and cultures that coexist in our planet. Along with this line, La Salle Maravillas bets for an education of excellence and quality based on the latest educative methodologies, which place all the necessary resources for our students.

As an evidence of it, La Salle Maravillas is certified by the “Bilingual English Development and Assessment” Program (BEDA) as a Reference Center – the highest certification possible in the program – and it also has the recognition of being a “Cambridge Educational Partner” by the prestigious University of Cambridge. All this demonstrates the quality of our everyday work in teaching English in La Salle Maravillas.


French starts as a mandatory second language in 1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO, and it is an optional subject in 4th of ESO.

In 1st and 2nd of ESO we give an introduction to the language. Once a week the class is divided in two to stress pronunciation and conversation. The learning process gets more intensive in 3rd and 4th of ESO. In Baccalaureate the students can also continue with French as an optional class.

Throughout these years the students have the opportunity to take the official exam DELF in the school with the collaboration of the Institut Français.

The French department also offers extracurricular activities for the students in Primary that wish to start earlier, and has been promoting linguistic and cultural exchanges with the neighbor country for more than 20 years. This way, the students of 3rd of ESO can participate in an exchange program with the students of Les Francs-Bourgeois School (from the La Salle school) in Paris.