The long journey of your children in the school starts with small steps in Pre-K.

We have designed this stage convinced that the neuronal stimulation, the socialization and the affection are the three pillars on which the project must stand on.

From the beginning, our children will find a warm and welcoming space where they will enjoy learning as a stimulating experience. They will discover how much fun it is to learn with their classmates, cohabitating with them in a stage in their lives in which their brain plasticity allow us to stimulate them in a million different ways.

In addition, all this happens in a very high exposition to the English language, through a double tutoring system in every class that allows us to start establishing this second language as a usual vehicle of communication.

In conclusion, learning by playing, well stimulated, in an ambiance that allows them to grow healthy, developing the values that will allow them to build good relationships with their classmates and their surroundings, along with a high exposure to English.