More than 300 years ago that our Founder started this adventure. Since then, a large number of educative endeavors covers more than 80 countries gathering around a million students all over the world, from all races, religions and social status. Our school was founded in 1892 and, since then, it hasn’t stopped welcoming and educating the youth of many generations, adapting itself to new situations and keeping in step with the changes that society was demanding at each moment. To this day we can say that the school is a perfect mix of, in one hand the tradition and the values transmitted from its origins, and in the other hand, the innovation and the permanent improvement of our processes to give our students an education with quality, always keeping up to date, in permanent change and consideration.


Learning is based on experiencing. Our educative project focuses on our students enjoying stimulating experiences that will help them to remember everything they learn. Everything that happens in the school is educative. This is the reason why we pay attention to all the details and not only to what happens in the classrooms. An innovative methodology is the one that can answer the necessities of all our students, within a common frame, but at the same time allows us to personalize the journey of every student to its maximum. From those learning experiences, always motivated by a coexisting ambiance and a common and shared effort, we make possible for our students to learn more than what is in the books.


Diversity is a wealth we cannot live without. All the educative endeavors of La Salle are different because they pay attention to different realities. But what is also important is what we share in common, what makes us recognizable, and what makes La Salle to have its own entity within the different realities it attends. Our Individual Character is the column for our projects, based on the values that emanate from the Gospel and that raise responsibility, creativity, personal reflection, justice, transcendence and cohabitation. All of it framed in a loving environment.